A Very Merry Christmas…

Christmas the season of goodwill… and survival in the face of family. I know, a little dramatic, but this is the time of year that we voluntarily lock ourselves away with our families and close friends and then add alcohol. It can be both joyous and scary.

But how do you survive the season still talking to your nearest and dearest?

I think I have the best idea, the Aged Ps are staying at my sister’s and I’m staying at own flat and toddling the ten minute walk between the two buildings when needed. Together yet apart.

If you don’t have such a small family or the convenient geographical location that I have then I have constructed a small guide to get you through the festive season in tact.

1. Get out.
That seems a little stark but it is a necessity. And when I say get out I mean go for a walk, get the blood pumping and the feet moving. It is good for a variety of reasons. You can get out from under the feet of whoever is cooking the dinner, you can get away from that really annoying relative that is always asking when you are going to date/get married/have kids/move house. It can also help burn those extra calories that we all consume without really caring.

And if you need a nudge to set foot outside then why not ask for something to keep you warm on the day? Dubarry have some toasty Boot Liners to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your toes and Barbour Boyd lambswool socks will keep manly feet warm.


If your furry friends want to join you but the thought of smelling wet dog instead of mulled wine puts you off then maybe you should think of getting them their own Barbour Wax Dog Coat

If you fancy something more energetic you could always start out Christmas morning with a run. Yes, a run. It makes you look virtuous and healthy and you can easily havethose third helpings of roast potatoes. Or you could just ask for Feetures to be added to your Christmas stocking and say it is the thought that counts.

Another great excuse to get out of the house is by getting the kids a pair of Heelys. And while you are at it email the company and ask why they don’t make these for adults. Really. I want some!

2. Stay In

Ok so this completely contradicts what I said earlier but you should also stay in and watch Christmas movies whilst demolishing another tin of Quality Streets. Whether it is ‘A Wonderful Life’ or ‘Love Actually’ or even ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ then I say go for it. It is also the best time to wear your new presents because everyone should get a new pair of slippers for Christmas.

3. Visiting

If you start getting stir crazy staring at the same people over the festive period may I suggest visiting other people? Adding new blood to the group can be healthy, it can also be a really good excuse to break out any presents that might have been exchanged. I mean that new handbag that you bookmarked and “accidentally” sent via email to your partner that then appeared under the tree, yes this one from Gianni Conti.

Or maybe you have a new Barbour shirt that needs an outing?

However you spend Christmas I hope it is happy and that Father Christmas brings you everything you wish for.


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Christmas Party Field Guide – Or Social Butterfly Watching By Brigid Coady

The Christmas party season is upon us. The time of year where you see your work colleagues in a whole new light and some of it is less flattering than you’d like. It is also the time of year that caterpillars turn into butterflies as we shed our every day clothes for something with a bit more sparkle or style.

But how can you spot the type of butterfly people are? Well I find that taking a look at their party shoe choice can help. And as it is the season of goodwill I have a compiled a quick field guide to help you navigate the party season.

The Lesser-Spotted Swallowtail

You know that girl who in the office seems kind of quiet? Her hair is smoothly pulled back and she is demure and respectful. Everything she wears is subdued, and she blends into the background. That is until the Christmas Party comes round. Then the Lesser-Spotted Swallowtail shrugs off the cocoon that they camouflage themselves in.  Slipping into these Hispanitas leopard print shoe boots, a slight platform to jack up her height so she can strut confidently onto the dance floor and dazzle. She is sometimes spotted in the arms of the Tentative Peacock

The Flame Red Monarch

The male equivalent of the Lesser-Spotted Swallowtail is the Flame Red Monarch. He is the mysterious bloke from accounting who quietly gets on with his own life, never joining you for drinks because he has this ‘thing’ on. And it isn’t till he slinks into the Christmas party do you understand what he is up to. From the skin-tight black trousers to the form fitting back shirt you think he looks a bit familiar. And when he sits down and crosses his legs you get a glimpse of the heels of his Jeffery West Backfire boots. Flames literally licking his heels, as he shyly mentions that he is the lead singer in an up and coming indie rock band called Feckless Rogues. In the New Year he is notably absent having resigned and you start following his stratospheric rise to rock stardom via social media.

The Tentative Peacock

He is the loud man in the office, quick with a wink and a slightly off colour joke. He talks of weekends with the lads but blushes when asked if he has a girlfriend. You expect him to turn up to the party, loud, brash and ready to flirt. Instead he comes in the room tentatively, his hand hovering at the back of a pretty girl, usually a Lesser-Spotted Swallowtail. It turns out that they’ve been quietly dating since the summer picnic and hadn’t wanted to tell you all. As he spins her in circles on the dance floor trying not to step on her shoes he flashes a pair of Barker Wilson’s. And you know that this time next year they’ll be engaged.

The Painted Lady

She was the first person to take you under her wing when you arrived. Her mind is like a steel trap wrapped in black velvet. She lulls you in with her softness to find that beyond a certain point she will never give. You are in awe at her confidence and there is not much of a cocoon for her to shrug off when it comes to a party. So she strides in and surveys the room like it is her domain, which it is. Her dress is bright and eye catching but this is a woman who wants to move. Her Peter Kaiser Hera shoe takes her to the dance floor where she holds court for the rest of the night.

The Skipper

The Skipper has been around awhile. He is strong and silent at the office and secure in his seniority. He is the safe pair of hands that steer the company ship. In his past he might have been a Tentative Peacock and is not worried that he has watched many a Flame Red Monarch fly away. He loves the Christmas party, he can watch as everyone flutters round the room flushed with free drink and happiness. As he steps towards the bar to ensure there is enough money on the float you notice his Golden Boot 1971 Vilches. Later in the night he will join the throngs on the dance floor.


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The best repair by the people who made them

repairs_bannerAt The Golden Boot we offer a repair service for all our handmade shoes Barker, Loake, Joseph Cheaney, Jeffery West and R.M Williams. This involves the shoes being sent back to the manufacturer to be refurbished i.e. long sole, heel, linings and upper re-dressing. Continue reading

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Turners Cider Competition

2015-10-30 card

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Sendra boots handmade in Spain.

At The Golden Boot our emphasis is on finding and working with exciting and innovative brands, with a particular focus on quality. We have been working with a number of Spanish brands that have grown in popularity each season.

Brands such as Hispanitas, Wonders and Magnanni are all family owned and run and everything they produce is made in Spain. They all operate their businesses with a very similar ethos to our own. It is very refreshing to meet companies that are more interested in how you represent and promote their product rather than how much you buy! We have a  great relationship with all of these Spanish suppliers and over the years they have become good friends.

Every season our Spanish contacts recommend a number of other brands and factories that are doing something a little different and this allows us to keep ahead of the game.  Sometimes the suggestions just aren’t right for The Golden Boot, but on other occasions the lead turns out to be spot on. Last season it was a fantastic factory called Paula Urban who make a range of wonderful sandals, and this season it was to be a brand called Sendra. I have visited many shoe factories before but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was going to see when we visited this brand for the first time.

Leather Room One


First I must explain that Sendra specialises in making handmade cowboy and biker boots. They are recognised as being one of the best in the industry and have a strong celebrity following, but are pretty much unknown in the UK. I met my contact Pedro and he accompanied me to the sample room. Most sample rooms are meticulously organised with  the current seasons collection beautifully arranged. The sample room at Sendra was a little less orthodox.

Leather Room Two

leather room

We walked in and I was confronted with a room packed full of boots, of all different styles and seemingly endless combinations of colour and leather choices. ‘Be creative!’ Pedro says to me, and went on to explain that I could have any of the different boot styles made up in any combination of leather and colour that I wanted. I hardly knew where to begin!

Sample Room

sample room

Our boots in production

boots in production.jpg newAfter a great deal of playing around, our own unique collection began to take shape.  I chose and worked with three different boot silhouettes which are all pull on styles. I kept the leathers all very wearable using tan and waxed brown and added interest with really eye-catching stitch features and trim details. I really hope you like this small collection as it really offers something completely unique and very special.

You won’t find these boots anywhere else !

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headerAs soon as the nights start to draw in and leaves on the line becomes a viable excuse for being late for work, I start thinking about what pair of boots will take me through the dark months until the verdant shoots of Spring.

This year there is an amazing range of boots for all styles. But which ones should you be looking for? And how will they take you through the variety of styles that have arrived in the shops for AW15?

With some of the key styles for this season being Victorian Gothic, Boho chic, colour blocking and some fantastic brocade patterned suits how do you find the right pair of boot that will take you through the winter? It is a tricky decision but we are here to help.

Knee High Boot
The classic knee high boot is always a good staple for the autumn winter months, it can take you from the office, to the pub. Dress, trousers or jeans, it is a good ‘go to boot’. But it doesn’t have to be practical, these beautiful suede boots (that also come in a gorgeous merlot suede), will have you walking tall and would help you rock the colour blocking trend as well as the Victorian Gothic.

Peter Kaiser – Perigon

peter kaiser perigon 3
peter kaiser perigon merlot







However if you want a boot to be a little more practical and all round plus adding a heavier tread, those wet leaves can get slippy, have a look at these. The buckles, and I love buckles, give these boots a more casual feel. It comesin brown and black.

Wonders – 4337 Lucianna

IMG_0048Ankle Boots
I’m a sucker for ankle boots, they can make an outfit, bring a quirkiness and personality without feeling as if you are going over the top.  They are the playful members of the boot family. There are so many fantastic different ankle boots out there although you have to be careful for the style if you are wearing a dress versus jeans or trousers.

Monk straps have crossed over from menswear into womenswear, giving a feeling of the Edwardian dandy. These are one of my favourite pairs of boots, the contrasting blue stitching adding that certain something that raises it above the ordinary. With brocade trouser suits or velvet devore, these boots will take you through the winter.

Golden Boot – 4013M Toppin

tgb toppinIf you want something more feminine and dressed up, then you couldn’t go wrong with these in either black or tan. Skirts, dresses or trousers, they would be a good addition to your wardrobe

Hispanitas – 51714 Fred


With the return if boho chic, the cowboy boot is making a renaissance, not that they ever went anywhere for me. There are a lot of cute ankle/mid length boots. These boots will look good with longer skirts or jeans. They’ll stand out and be a talking point.

Sendra – 13042 Judy

sendraShoe Boots

A good shoe boot can be a great addition to any winter wardrobe. They really are the versatile members of the boot family. Chunky or slim heeled they can make an interesting alternative to a shoe and give your feet a bit more coverage and dare I say, warmth?

Hispanitas – 51939 Vince

IMG_0050I can’t help but let loose my inner Bet Lynch whenever I see animal print. These boots leapt off the shelves at me and I battled to put them back. Whether with opaque tights and a black skirt or skinny jeans, these boots will dress it up.

So whatever your style is this season there are boots for everyone and if you are feeling a bit flush, maybe more than one…

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Celebrating Flight Lieutenant Joseph Humfrey Cheaney

Our new men’s window display is dedicated to Flight Lieutenant Joseph Humfrey Cheaney, grandson of the company’s founder, Joseph Cheaney. IMG_1802Joseph Humfrey Cheaney (sometimes referred to as “Dick”)  joined the company in 1930 and stayed until his retirement in 1981. The new Aviator collection was designed to commemorate his service in the Second World War when he served as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.






Incorporated into our Joseph Cheaney collection for autumn/winter 2015 is the aptly named ‘Tiger Moth‘ lace-up military style boot. The classics  ‘Avon C‘ and ‘Tamar C‘ continue, both well worth investments for a timeless design. New style ‘Amis’ boasts the Cheaney exclusive rubber welted Britgrip sole unit.

Joseph Cheaney and The Golden Boot have so much common ground, both family owned  with tradtional family values and a commitment to offering it’s customers the best products, unrivalled product knowledge and above all unbeatable customer service.

With an impressive combined history within the shoe industry of over 300 years we must be doing something right !

Visit our Maidstone store to view the complete Cheaney collection or browse our online shop, www.thegoldenboot.co.uk.





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Toylander Product Display Collaboration

At The Golden Boot we love our window displays and really enjoy collaborating with other businesses to try and bring you something a little unique and different.go_explore_centered_s

Our most recent creation sees us collaborate with a wonderful company called Toylander. Based in South Wales they manufacturer a range of scaled down iconic vehicles for children, they are fully operable and look amazing!IMG_3702

The attention to detail and the quality of the craftsmanship is excellent! If you are interested in making a purchase or want to find out more visit http://www.toylander.com/

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The Jeffery West Collections

Goodyear Welted

Jeffery Wests’ range of traditionally  manufactured shoes with a stitch through the insole to the welt, then welt to sole. 4772 Hannibal  on a chunky rubber sole features signature features with the addition of striking red laces to match the lining.


The slightly more classically styled double monk Montrose really stands out in it’s rich burgundy flume leather upper.

jeffery west montrose


Blake Stitched

Blake Stitched construction is a more refined and flexible shoe construction that lends itself well to Jeffery West’s chiselled last shapes, such as  Rochester and Ziggy. Italian made and truly unique standout pieces. The star attraction of the collection is the Icarus shoe  in ‘dirty sober’ red high shine leather.

jeffery west icarus 2


Muse and Black Line

Made in Spain this Jeffery West range is all about clean lines. The sole units are cemented leaving a thinner sole with no welt. Signature Jeffery West styling at a lower price point. J936  Chelsea boot on the Scarface last, typifies the collection with wing tip brogue detail on burnished leather upper.

jeffery west  j936


Mods, Playboys and Jet Setters

Contemporary design in suede finishes complete with the brands signature touches, flashes of red stitching and red lining. ‘Infamous’ modern styling at it’s best! The 19590 ‘Jimmy Loafer’ , available in navy suede and brown suede, is a wear with everything with  classic  loafer.

jeffery west 19509 brown


Browse our complete collection of Jeffery West shoes, boots and accessories at http://thegoldenboot.co.uk/brand/jeffery-west




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Taking care of your R.W Williams Lachlan Boots

The R M Williams Lachlan boot (previously known as the Drover) is one the toughest boots in the R M Williams collection. The boot is constructed of a one piece oiled leather upper and a goodyear stitch welted heavy rubber sole unit.   We have been stockists of RM Williams for over 10 years and we have watched the range grow and evolve however the Lachlan boot remains one of our top sellers.

The Lachlan boot could be categorised as more of a work boot, although not steel toe or waterproof it is ideally suited to heavy wear and ideally suited to a wearer that requires a boot that can be dressed up or dressed down! Perhaps a customer who needs to visit site but also meet clients in an office environment and then have a beer with friends in the evening. If this is you then the R M Williams Lachlan is the boot for you!

One of the first pair of R M Williams boots sold at The Golden Boot was to me. Here are my Lachlan boots!

lachlan boot 2

I only wear these boots occasionally yet they are one of my most comfortable pairs. My maintenance regime is a bit of a disaster, in fact I haven’t done anything to these other than wear them. I thought they would be the ideal pair to demonstrate what the best way to look after them is and to practice what I preach to customers!

Its worth noting that the Lachlan boot is made with an oiled leather. This is intended to be water and stain resistant. I am not trying to achieve a high shine finish as the boot is designed to be a little vintage in appearance and that’s how I want to keep them.


Step 1

Place shoe trees in the boots

lachlan boot 3

Step 2

Using a Dasco suede brush, remove any loose dirt/debris from the upper.

dacso suede brush

Step 3

Using fresh water and the rubber bristled part of the Dasco suede brush remove and heavy dirt/debris from the upper and sole. Always allow the boots to dry out naturally.

lacjlan boot 5

Step 4

Dry using kitchen towel

lachlan boot 1

Step 5

Once the boots are dry, using a small damp foam sponge apply small amount of the R M Williams Saddle & Leather Dressing to the upper, also work the Saddle dressing into the welt of the boot. Please remember a little goes a long way, remember the old adage “you can always put more in but it’s more difficult to take out”! In short the more you apply the darker the boots will become.

lachlan 9

Step 6

Allow the Saddle & Leather Dressing to dry and then with a dry cloth remove any residue. Then buff the boots to a shine.

lachlan 10



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